Which Ultimate Front Holder model do I need?

Ultimate Front Holders are designed to fit most traditional helmet models.

  • FHC101 fits Cairns 1000/1010/1044
  • FHN56 fits Cairns N5A/N6A
  • FHC880 fits Cairns 880, Chicago Spec
  • FHPCL1 fits Paul Conway Composite
  • FHB2P fits Ben 2 Plus, Honeywell EV1
  • FHTL2 fits Phenix Tech TL-2
  • We do not make a front holder to fit Bullard helmets.

If you have a helmet model request, please feel free to email us – service@firefrontstore.com

Are custom colors available? How about green for St. Patrick’s Day?

Yes they are!
More information on custom orders available here.

Is it easy to install your front holder on my helmet?

Yes! Unscrew the old brass holder, and replace it with the new one – it’s that simple. (Instructions are included.) Due to popular demand, we now offer a stainless hardware kit for Cairns models. For other models, use existing acorns with extender kit (supplied). 

Can you make holders with custom designs, for instance, one that has our department name or logo?

Yes, please contact us for details. Charges are based on the size of your order, but we can definitely do it. Please click here for more information.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Usually 7-10 business days, when the product is in stock, with USPS Priority shipping. Please contact us for rush delivery.

Do your front holders come with a warranty?

Yes – If one of our Ultimate Front Holders breaks due to material failure, or craftsmanship, we’ll replace it free of charge – simple as that. Just email us at service@firefrontstore.com.


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