Dependable, Strong & Expressive

Finally...a front holder that can stand up to the challenges of firefighting - and looks GREAT! Our front holders are made from lightweight (2.25 oz), aircraft-grade T-6 billet aluminum, making them stronger than the "standard issue" front holder, which tend to bend or break when subjected to the everyday rigors of the job.

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Our wide selection of front holders can be purchased easily and securely using our online shopping cart. After purchase, you will be able to track your shipment with a tracking number.


5 stars
"I only had a photo on my phone of our department logo. Rick and his staff transferred it and rocked the logo. The truth is you will be inspired in this company who is attentive to all phases of your project. Hats off to a great team, thanks Rick!"

Captain Jim Rugnetta

Firefighter Designed & Developed

I am a career firefighter. I believe that pride in our profession should be as enduring as its heritage. Fire Fronts creates products to convey this pride.

Ultimate Front Holder Test

Unlike front holders from the other guys, our front holders can withstand the toughest of challenges. Watch as the Ultimate Front Holder is put to the test.

5 stars
"Got one, and now several others from the area want one as well. Haven’t put it to the test yet, but it is stronger and more stable than the brass eagle."

Chris Burks

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